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“The benefits of entrepreneurial training for all early career researchers, regardless of their career path.”

by The p2i Network

When you hear of ‘entrepreneurial training opportunities’ as a postdoc, does your mind automatically flick on a red switch as if to say: “Nope, not relevant to me!”?


Do you ponder the prospect for a short moment, before the endless academic to-do list makes its way back to the forefront of your mind, followed by: “I simply don’t have the time”?


Do you think that entrepreneurial training only benefits those planning on starting their own venture?


Think again.


Here at the p2i Network, we really understand the multitude of benefits that early career researchers experience first-hand when they take part in entrepreneurial training, regardless of their subsequent career path. From new communication skills and how to engage with external organisations, to understanding how to bring their research idea to market, we have compiled a series of insightful reflections from p2i Alumni who have found invaluable lessons in the entrepreneurial training that the p2i Network offers.


If you are at all interested in or curious about the relevancy of entrepreneurial training for postdocs, and what it might offer researchers exploring starting a venture, looking to stay in academia or transition to industry, take a look at what our p2i alumni in academia, industry AND who started a venture have to say…


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Entrepreneurial Journeys

“Getting closer to my dream of running a start-up.” 


Julia Tischler
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