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Entrepreneurial Postdoc Societies

Postdoc societies with focus on entrepreneurial activities and supporting entrepreneurship in their postdoctoral communities.


They provide information, support, training and opportunities for postdocs to gain knowledge of, skills and experience in working with industry or starting up a venture. The focus is on unlocking the entrepreneurial and business potential of Cambridge’s world-leading researchers.

A network of local entrepreneurial postdoc societies will boost the exchange of information, knowledge and expertise, and empower postdocs to meet their specific training needs and share innovative ideas.

There are currently Postdoc Societies at the University of Cambridge and Universität Innsbruck.

From 2015 -2023, the Entrepreneurial postdocs of Cambridge Society (EPOC)  focused on a concerted effort to maximise the entrepreneurial and business potential of Cambridge’s world-leading researchers. They develop and deliver initiatives to support Cambridge researchers in their pursuit of business and entrepreneurial ventures, and to awaken them to the multitude of opportunities around them. Together with Cambridge Enterprise, they hosted the annual Chris Abell Postdoc Business Plan Competition. 

The postdocs of Cambridge Society (PdOC)

Postdocs Of Cambridge (PdOC) is the Cambridge University Society for postdocs and early career researchers. PdOC represents postdocs in University discussions, career development, contract research conditions, college affiliation, social and sporting issues. 

Since 2023, the society has appointed a subcommittee with focus on entrepreneurial activities for postdocs and support for entrepreneurship. 

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Researchers with Entrepreneurial Spirit Innsbruck (RESI)

The RESI society was created in recognition of the increasing need to enhance the entrepreneurial mindset and a key set of skills postdoctoral researchers can use to pursue careers that will be personally and professionally both meaningful within and outside of academia.

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