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Residential Courses

Residential Entrepreneurship Courses include intensive training programmes for researchers looking to unlock their entrepreneurial potential and those aspiring entrepreneurs who already have an advanced business idea or venture.


Attendees have the chance to trial and prepare their business idea for the commercial environment.

Applications for Residential Entrepreneurship Courses Ignite and I.E.C.T summer school are now open. Please read through the information before you apply. The application form is here 

Find out more about previous Residential Courses:

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This week at Ignite has been intense but very useful. It has allowed me to consider aspects of my entrepreneurial project that I did not know how to take. Thanks to this, I have made significant progress in defining my business plan and knowing how to pitch it.

Ignite made me more willing to try and experiment an entrepreneurial journey, gave me more optimism and self-confidence.

Participating in the course greatly changed my perspective on what is possible with academic research - particularly with respect to producing research with a strong societal impact. 

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