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Take charge of your own career

As a postdoctoral researcher, you are an innovator in training and you already share behaviors with entrepreneurs. By recognising the mindset and learning the skills associated with entrepreneurship, you can apply these in your chosen career - whether it is in academia, work as an employee outside academia or start your own company. 


Postdoctoral researchers from the p2i partners can apply to participate in a free online courses to learn to innovate an develop enterprise skills.  The course runs twice a year - starting in April and October

See below for information on the online course.

The Applications for the current "Empowering researchers to innovate" online course are now open - the start date for the course cohort is 25th Oct 2021. Apply now bit.ly/p2iOnlineCourse

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p2i Online – empowering researchers to innovate

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Ideal for all researchers who are

  • open to learning to think entrepreneurially in academia, industry and in ventures

  • curious about entrepreneurship 

  • ready to develop entrepreneurial skills & confidence

  • keen to develop their networks

Next course cohort starts 25th Oct 2021 
Apply now bit.ly/p2iOnlineCourse

Empowering researchers to innovate course testimonials

Through providing inspiration and the required tools, this course has given me the confidence to consider an entrepreneurial career outside academia

The course is good for academics that don't have knowledge about entrepreneurship - it is all in one place and structured, it takes you through step by step

The talking head videos provide context - real researchers that have made the step to entrepreneurship - this provides relatable inspiration