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Take charge of your own career

As a postdoctoral researcher, you are an innovator in training and you already share behaviors with entrepreneurs. By recognising the mindset and learning the skills associated with entrepreneurship, you can apply these in your chosen career - whether it is in academia, work as an employee outside academia or start your own company.

p2i Online – empowering researchers to innovate

Developed by the p2i partnership, p2i Online is a course on entrepreneurship with a difference. It provides a powerful combination of mindset, knowledge, know-how and skill development to enable you to embark on an innovation journey, whether you choose to innovate in academia, as an employee outside academia or by starting your own venture.


The course includes inspiration and journeys from postdoctoral researchers just like you, who have become founders of companies, successful academics or employees outside academia.

What will you learn?

  • How to present your research or idea and its impact in various professional and social contexts

  • how you as researchers already share some of the behaviors which are normally attributed to entrepreneurial individuals and how to further develop these behaviors to succeed personally and professionally.

  • If you aspire to continue as an academic innovator, learn about new approaches to forming industry collaborations, tools adapted from the entrepreneurial world for writing compelling funding applications and identifying and creating new opportunities in academia for furthering your research interests.

  • If you are looking to pursue a career in industry, government or public sector, learn about the key entrepreneurial characteristics that they seek when recruiting researchers.

  • If you are interested in exploring new venture creation, learn how to first identify ideas and opportunities, and articulate them. Then use the framework and tools and go through the steps to formulate a plan to realise the opportunities.

  • Learn how to mobilise resources and support to establish a new venture.


Why should you participate in the course?

  • Develop your innovator mindset and capabilities and learn to apply these alongside your existing expertise and skills to make a difference

  • Prepare an action plan to take your career to the next level - whether it is in academia, in industry or starting your own company.

  • Build your academic and professional networks by joining fellow postdocs from p2i partner organisations from across Europe in an engaging and hands-on experiential learning opportunity.


How much time will you need to complete the course?

The course is developed to fit around the work of postdoctoral researchers. Running over 6 months, the expected time commitment is 6 hrs/month to complete the programme tasks including:

  • Watching specially curated videos, joining in discussions

  • Reading selected articles

  • Completing tasks/activities to embed the learning


You can of course spend more time by accessing the additional reading and resources provided.

You will also participate in 3 webinars within the course time frame.


The p2i online course will become available to postdocs from the p2i partners from 2020.

Through providing inspiration and the required tools, this course has given me the confidence to consider an entrepreneurial career outside academia

The course is good for academics that don't have knowledge about entrepreneurship - it is all in one place and structured, it takes you through step by step

The talking head videos provide context - real researchers that have made the step to entrepreneurship - this provides relatable inspiration