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Entrepreneurship Events

Entrepreneurship Events are opportunities for postdocs curious about commercialisation and aspiring entrepreneurs to form a team, and develop, test and pitch a business idea in an intense couple of days.

Venture Creation events

Provide a hands-on experience where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if their start-up ideas are viable.

BioData Hackathons 

Provide postdocs, students, health tech innovators, and budding entrepreneurs with a background in genomics, biodata, UX, design, drug development, or engineering to creatively and collaboratively address challenges in the sphere of genomes and biodata.


In two days, delegates develop solutions that offer real world impact while honing their creative, communication and entrepreneurial skills. Delegates are supported by representatives from the Sanger Institute, EMBL-EBI and other healthtech Cambridge companies as mentors to help them craft the best pitches and demos. Real world challenges are provided by global companies

DRS ProTransfer 

DRS Pro Transfer provides the tools to transform a great idea into a product or service. Based on procedures like ideation, product and service design, as well as business model innovation, you learn about methods to evaluate the marketability of your research or business idea. We will jointly develop and test your ideas – and inform about ways of protecting your most important resource: your intellectual property.

In 2021, DRS ProTransfer consists of synchronous sessions via web conferences and asynchronous (peer) learning phases. 

This course is delivered by Dahlem Research School Berlin and is open to postdocs from the p2i partners


Find out more about previous Entrepreneurship Events:


Participating in the Venture Creation Weekend highlighted the importance of teamwork. For a postdoc who works primarily on their own project, it was such a refreshing and enjoyable experience to work intensely in a team.

I was encouraged that I could go on to develop my existing skills (such as communication skills, research skills, networking skills) to go beyond an academic career.

VCW was amazing for me. I had many doubts about my idea and the Venture Creation Weekend helped me to get a better overview

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