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Sign up to the postdocs 2 innovators (p2i) Network app to gain business knowledge, access to expertise, learn from inspiring start up journeys, expand your network,& general support for your entrepreneurial journey.

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p2i Network is a phone app that connects likeminded postdoctoral researchers (postdocs) internationally as well as to business and start up expertise. The aim is to support entrepreneurial journeys of postdocs as well as help accelerate the development of start-ups.

The app provides relevant content in one place and expertise (experts) related to areas like: sector, organisational, business, start up/Entrepreneurship, legal, IP, investment, finance, accounting, product development, regulatory, technical, research, human resources, marketing, sustainability, sales, career exploration, corporate culture, “soft skills” development, organizational understanding.

All this for you to explore and benefit from!

This platform is available to postdocs from partners in the postdocs2innovators (p2i) network.(*)

(*) p2i partner organisations are: University of Cambridge (and partner Institutes), Freie Universität Berlin, Universität Innsbruck, PSL Université Paris,  Edinburgh University, University of Duisburg Essen, AstraZeneca, bp

Registration to the app is by invite only and after registering interest through this form. Please use your institute's email address in this form here so we can verify your affiliation.You will then receive an email invite to register on the p2i Network app. Please note, it is possible this email may enter your spam/junk folder.

Once you've received the email invite, create a profile with your full name and start a conversation! 
Your email address will not be visible or shared with anyone on the app.

We advise you to stay logged into the p2i Network app on your phone to receive update. If you need to log in again, use the same email as you received the invite to, you will receive a magic number code so there is no need for remembering or using a password!

You will receive notifications on any future p2i entrepreneurial learning events and expert sessions.


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