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p2i In Action, Obergurgl 

Between 20 - 23 November 2023,  postdocs from across Europe participated in the p2i: In Action event in Obergurgl, Austria to explore and learn about innovation and entrepreneurship.


Participants were exposed to an entrepreneurial way of thinking and learnt the process to develop ideas into potential business ventures and how to communicate these through interactive team work sessions. There were plenty of opportunities to network.

The participants gained business knowledge and a set of business skills that will complement their research skills.

Through developing the skill of validating business ideas, researchers can enhance their decision-making abilities, strategic thinking, resource management, risk assessment, and adaptability, all of which can be applied in careers in and outside academia, including starting a business. 

Participants of the event can now access the event slides. These are password protected. You will have received the password via the p2i Network app message.

Click image to read one of the participant's experience of the event


Holly Tibble | Chancellor's Fellow

Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh


Great workshops and speakers, this was undoubtedly one of the best professional development activities I had in my life. This great experience was only elevated by the #dreamteam of researchers I was lucky to work with. 


Big shoutout to the organizing team! The collaborative atmosphere and manifold insights gained have been invaluable. Looking forward to applying these learnings in future endeavours

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 10.35_edited.png

This event helped me so  much to get my idea out of my head and start talking about it. I would have never thought of how much is possible in such a short time. I'm still processing all the information that I could gather and the ideas I developed and I am especially grateful for all the connections across Europe that I could make.  

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