Bridging The Gap Between Academia & Entrepreneurship

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Listen as postdocs within the field of diabetes and an expert discuss the challenges and possible solutions to bridging academia and industry.


In this episode, Dr Peter Kerr (Head of Operations at Sonraí Analytics Ltd and Director Global Business Development at ARC Regulatory Ltd) reflects on his career, especially his transition to the industrial sector and his multiple roles within the Almac Group. Peter shines a light on the variety of roles available in industry and provide tips to get to know more about them.


If academic research isn’t for you, when is the best time to switch sectors? Industry insiders offer their advice.

Some researchers run both academic labs and companies, challenging the idea that the two sectors operate in silos.

The sector is broad, ranging from tiny start-ups to huge multinationals. Choose wisely.

How do you convince an academic employer that you’re a safe bet, despite having no experience in the sector? Julie Gould finds out.


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