Postdoctoral employment at Higher Educational Institutions in Europe has proliferated in the last 10 years. Due to this growth, a large majority of postdocs now move into employment in non-academic settings and/or join/start ventures. Many corporations are increasingly seeking, nurturing, and rewarding entrepreneurially-minded employees.


Postdocs need greater support in the early stages of their careers to optimise their career potential for industry or other sectors.


The European partners are developing and delivering a range of activities aimed at adding business awareness to the scientific and technical competence of postdocs.

Please visit the Activities page for more details on the types of activities/events and keep an eye on the Calendar for upcoming European wide events postdocs can apply for to attend.

Why not join the Entrepreneurial Postdoc Society at your University?

Read about the journey Dr Tom Simmons made from Research fellow at The University of Cambridge to Y-Combinator start-up CEO


Entrepreneurial postdoctoral societies foster entrepreneurship in the their postdoctoral communities. They

provide information, support, training and opportunities for postdocs to gain knowledge of, skills and experience in working with industry or starting up a venture.

A network of local entrepreneurial postdoctoral societies will boost the exchange of information, knowledge and expertise, empower postdocs to meet their specific training needs and share innovative ideas.

To find out more about the societies, please click on logo


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