Ignite is an intensive one-week training programme for aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate innovators to trial and prepare business ideas for the commercial environment. It will give you the tools, contacts and confidence to transform your idea into a successful business project or venture.

Impulse serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurship in individuals and organisations. The 3 month programme is about strong action learning and result driven where participants bring their innovative ideas to the table. It acts as a learning vehicle, prioritising and developing, with a sharp focus on "high-potential" business cases. The core of Impulse’s approach is to engage experienced entrepreneurs to act as role models and to provide guidance. 



I.E.C.T. Summer School


I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship will show participants the way to successfully commercialize their ideas by guiding them through the processes of protecting their ideas, investigating and pinpointing the market, raising finance, building teams and selling their ideas. It has been specifically designed for the budding entrepreneur or corporate innovator who requires practical know-how in the development of a new business. http://www.iect.at/summer-school-en/

Ideas to Innovation (i2i) 


Ideas to Innovation (i2i) is aimed at ambitious individuals looking to unlock their entrepreneurial and creative potential and consider the social and economic relevance of their research. The 4 day programme is practical and based on experiential learning. It also equips participants with the skills to spot enterprising opportunities and to apply creative ways of thinking to any research or project through a process of knowledge, activity and reflection. 

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