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Entrepreneur Spotlight

Read the inspirational stories of alumni & experts who have gone on to accomplish some amazing things through starting a venture.


"It’s not a ‘bad thing’ to start a venture whilst at university; it can be a great synergy for the university and for researchers with the aspirations to start a venture based on their research.” 
- p2i Alumnus

Latest Feature...

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Pavel Sevela




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by the p2i Network

Project Lead - "SOPHIE smart shower" at Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck

More Entrepreneur Spotlight Stories...

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Dr Andrew Guo

Founder & CEO of BioMavericks;

Postdoctoral Research Associate

at The University of Cambridge

Laura Bernal

Incubator Programme Manager at Edinburgh Innovations, and the

co-founder of NetMinds

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Dr Pahini Pandya

Co-Founder of Panakeia Technologies

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Dr Tom Simmons

Founder and CEO of

Cambridge Glycoscience

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