p2i: In Action events

Postdocs from across Europe attend p2i: In Action events to explore and learn about innovation and entrepreneurship 


p2i: In Action events are a mixture of inspirational talks, practical activities and networking. Experts and entrepreneurial researchers share inspiring stories and first-hand experience of what it means to be enterprising and of bringing exciting ideas to life in academia, industry or through starting ventures. 


Researchers work in teams and learn the process to develop ideas into a venture through practical tools and interactive sessions and learn how to communicate the opportunity in a compelling way. 

p2i: In Action events provide opportunities to network with and get advice from CEOs, innovation experts and industry leaders from across Europe, as well as other postdocs working both in industry and academia.

p2i: In Action events are a great way explore how being entrepreneurial fits with a researcher's future career, whether that is in academia, industry, or as a founder of a venture. Researchers identify what motivates them, gain increased confidence and know how on how to turn turn ideas into reality irrespective of career choice. 


This event provides a valuable opportunity for researchers with an idea or early stage start up as well as for researchers who are curious and open to exploring innovation and entrepreneurship.



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22-24 Nov 2021

Applications now open. 

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This was a fantastic event. It is rare that you learn so much new information in such a short space of time! I have already been recommending the p2i programme to other postdocs!

Fantastic for meeting like-minded postdocs and talking with industry experts and individuals from start ups. The advice given was not obvious and may prove invaluable for my future plans.

I took something from each presentation or activity but the one on the Minimum Viable Prototype (MVP) particularly resonated with me. It became increasingly clear to me after the presentation that we need to get our device out on the market as soon as possible.